It is not worth the commemorative the valentine day..

first of all,my mood is vey bad today``fuu~~

second,the society thing makes me crazy @@

wt,every  time frustrates(挫败) the feeling to me  

wif a not so responsible committee。。

want me to complete the whole things··

fuuu~~can imagine my   end of the month's result ~

but,somethings funny ~

a committe of leadership dak。。he makes me cry。。

n then give me a bar of chocolate··tq···

n i know two new fren again··>.< too high for me```kaka...but is a new attempt..


sad for xin no sms me``

fuyoh..i wan buy a camera..or hp(cybershot)

brother say later he buy jor camera wont borrow the camera to me ..sadly

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